Tanya Stout’s primary goal is to enhance the quality of life of those she treats.  Increasing the fluid nutrition of the brain and spine helps increase energy and mobility.  Craniosacral therapy is gentle and calming to the nervous system, decreasing the effects of stress and physical trauma.  Craniosacral therapy helps the patient heal from the inside out, leading to significant improvements in all aspects of life.

Tanya will also help you free your mind from the prison of unwanted attitudes and beliefs from your past that limit your success and happiness utilizing Neuro Linguistic Programming.

If your life feels like you’re trapped in a prison of limitations, or you’re just not living up to your full potential, chances are you have a conflict between your conscious desires and your subconscious beliefs. This kind of conflict shows up in relationships, self-esteem, spirituality, health and body including prosperity, personal power and grief and loss.

If you are facing challenges in any of these areas, personally or professionally, Neuro Linguistic Programming can help you to rewrite the software of your mind in order to change the printout of your life.

“A biodynamic system is not viewed as one that has a disease or an illness but rather as one that contains unconditional health and balance located within the depths of the fluids. It is not that the body doesn’t have disease or illness but rather that disease and illness are compensations created by the Breath of Life to get our attention.”   – Franklin Sills

“Healing happens at the edge.” logo

Life really is better when you feel good! Call or text Tanya Stout CST today at 406.544.6679.

Tanya is currently enjoying her journey at the Red Willow Center for Health and Healing.

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