Our lives are a reflection of our beliefs.

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Our Beliefs Control Your Life
Our lives are a reflection of our beliefs. Our beliefs, which are primarily stored in our subconscious minds, are the accumulation of life-long programming. As a result of negative programming, we often think and behave in ways that are self-defeating. PSYCH-K™ is a process that allows us to change self-defeating and self-sabotaging beliefs to self-enhancing beliefs on the subconscious level.

Why Having Positive and Self-Enhancing Beliefs are Critical
Beliefs form the basis of our personality. Through the filter of our beliefs we see ourselves as being competent or incompetent, self-reliant or dependent, worthy or unworthy, lovable or not…and the list goes on. Beliefs effect everything-your mood, your job performance, your self-esteem-even the kinds of relationships that you will have in your life.

Why it is Hard to Change Our Beliefs: The 95% Rule
Our behavior is a result of our beliefs and most of our beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind. Here is an interesting fact: 95% of our behavior is controlled by the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind holds on to its programs and is very difficult to update (until you learn how.)

Why Most Change Processes Fail
Most methods for creating change rely on the conscious mind processes, namely, will-power and insight to make change. Habits, for example, are within the domain of the subconscious mind. Normally, we are only using 5% of our mind to attempt to change a habit or other behavior. The other 95% (the subconscious mind) is busy running outdated programs that sabotage our success. That is why consciously promoting a change of habit is difficult and most of the time, impossible. When the conscious mind wanders and drifts, the old habits and patterns grab control again. A more powerful way to create lasting changes is through changing the belief patterns at the subconscious level.

How Can You Create Easy and Lasting Change?
To make change that lasts, you have to use the only part of the mind that can re-program changes in behavior…the subconscious. By updating the programs on the subconscious level, you can profoundly effect your conditioning. By changing the self-sabotaging beliefs (I’m not smart enough, pretty enough, good enough etc.,) to self-supporting beliefs (I am good enough, I can lose weight, I can speak to that group with ease, etc.) you make changes naturally and effectively.

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