“Eight years after I broke my right collarbone and dislocated my right shoulder in a skiing accident, the alignment of both my shoulders was never right.  My chest and shoulder muscles connecting to my back bone were sore and always knotted up.  My right shoulder was high and forward while my left was dropped, and the difference in the length of my arms was noticeable.  In one session Tanya released what she called and ‘energy cyst’ in my right shoulder.  My arm length evened out and my shoulder came down and back to the natural resting position.  With another session she was able to get my left shoulder to move back to its proper position and my back tightness and pain went away as well.  Thanks to Tanya’s work I am a new man ready for more extreme sports activities”

“After my sessions, I feel so relaxed and yet energized.  It’s an ‘energy of calmness’!”

“Because of my therapy, I am able to function more easily for the first time in years.”

“When I sat up after my session, I felt so clear~like my head and body were talking to one another after feeling foggy and tired all day.”

“After trying almost everything, this is the first therapy I have found which addresses the unique and often seemingly insurmountable properties of pain specific to fibromyalgia.  Creative solutions help me deal with the pain on a daily basis. Thank you!”

“As I relaxed on the treatment table, I felt my sinuses release.  When I ate afterwards, I could taste my food for the first time in weeks!”

*The Code of Ethics for the Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America (CSTA/NA) states that therapists are restricted to printing testimonials about the healing power of this type of therapy without promoting themselves as someone special or gifted.  Most therapists who practice this type of therapy are gifted.  So, to avoid competitiveness and self-promotion, testimonials have been edited to comply with the Code of Ethics.